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The Orgasm Shop

You’re sitting on a treasure.

Your electric toothbrush can do so much more than clean your teeth. Take a cup of ☕️, sit back, and let me take you on a journey inside the love story between your clit and your 🦷-brush.

An oscillating vibe that’ll masquerade as a toothbrush in your bag? No problem. A true master of disguise.


Who says you can’t buy happiness? Get one of these and you’ll be smiling every day!!

Rachel Dunkel

BuzzFeed Staff

A “Made in Germany”, 3D printed masterpiece that empowers all busy women on this planet (and beyond), to recharge their batteries with an orgasm in a matter of seconds.

So they can keep crushing! #GRLPWR

Now This News

An oscillating vibrator truly unlike any other vibe.

This babe is capable of moving side to side as opposed to up and down.

So if you’ve been searching for just the right kind of friction for your sex life, look no further.

Harper Hendrikson

BuzzFeed Staff

Rocket Science.

And women are

not complicated

I’m tired of hearing that men need Google maps to find the clitoris. It makes sense to have this view of wome. Think about it, the sex industry makes billions of dollars because of this myth  But having an orgasm is not 🚀 science.

Once you found the clitoris, any type of stimulation will work. A finger, a 👅, a laddle, even a smooth rock, IF you have enough time and patience. If you’re busy, use the shower, or a vibrator. Once you found your sweet spot and have a couple of orgasms, you can teach your 🧠  to climax and you’ll be able to orgams faster than any 👨.

Trust me, I almost feel guilty for orgasming so easily. Almost…

Wait, but
why use a toothbrush down there?

I know what you’re thinking!

There are a gazillion types of vibrators on this 🌎, so why exaclty should I masturbate with my toothbrush?

Excellent question.

That’s because the electric toothbrush has a powerful engine ⚙️  that moves from side to side 👋, like waving for a cab 🚕.

This movement is patented, in vibrators, not cab stoppings. I’ll tell you about it later. But first, let’s look at science:

Not all vibrators are created equally

This is true! New York University knows this. 

Look at the fancy chart!

With a normal vibrator, you are only 31% likely to get a hallelujah-high intensity orgasm. With an oscillating vibrator, your chances of experiencing 🤩🎆 🤯, skyrocket to 63% ↗️. 

And you’re 78% likely to get it in under 60 seconds ⏱.

3 years.

22 countries.

0 regrets.

Ok, maybe some regrets…


China, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and pretty much all European countries, all have something in common: they chuckle when they see an electric toothrbush. We have “smuggled” the Viberry to Saudi Arabia and sent it to chill in Barbados. Some berries even reached South Africa. And a big chunk ended up in California, Canada and Berlin. 


  • it’s practical & powerful: use it over your underwear 🩲  
  • it’s easy to hide: no one knows what it is, not even aliens 👽❓
  • it makes you orgasm in seconds ⏱: astronauts are busy people

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