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turn your toothbrush into
a mind-blowing vibrator


Turn your electric toothbrush into a vibrator – and orgasm as often as brushing your teeth 

Viberry clips directly to the powerful engine of almost all Oral-B® models and conveniently turns them into handy vibrators.

With more than 8.800 rotations per minute, your toothbrushes might be even stronger than the Magic Wand (5.500 rpm).

Why not take advantage of all this power? 

We use our teeth
everyday. Why not our clitoris?

Woman on bed reading with Viberry

We understand your concern. Even though oral sex is a thing it still sounds weird to masturbate with a toothbrush. But don’t worry. You don’t even need to get naked for this orgasm.  

Viberry is designed to be used over underwear, or even yoga pants if you are more sensitive. Plus, it’s applied only on the clitoris. This means that the handle of your toothbrush doesn’t go inside the body. 

So, to answer your question: 

Yes! It’s 100% hygienic. 

Woman bublle gum and hoodie


Why does a toothbrush give you faster and better orgasms than most vibrators? 

Around 30 years ago, a Swedish company invented the world’s first (and only) oscillating vibrator. It was a huge sensation. In its gold edition, this sex toy sold for $399. Yes, people didn’t have student loans back then.

The product was so great it appears in the German Museum of Hygiene and even The City University of New York tested it.

Their verdict? Oscillating vibrations give you faster and more intense orgasms.

The issue? The Swedish company patented this amazing vibration and other sex toy producers couldn’t use the technology to develop better products.

The hack? The Oral-B® toothbrushes have the same engine as the patented Swedish vibrator, and with Viberry they turn into an oscillating vibrator.

german engineers accidentally developed an oscillating vibrator

…and gave us The 30 Second Orgasm™

Little did they know, but the German engineers who invented the Oral-B® taught me to orgasm in less than 30 seconds.

That’s because they used the same engine in their toothbrushes like the Swedish used in their patented oscillating vibrator and they added a timer.

Just like Pavlov’s dog, the body learns to adapt to the 30-second timer of the electric toothbrush and offers you a mind-blowing orgasm in under half a minute.

I call it The Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Sam Orgasm. It’s especially relaxing during quick breaks.

Aaah… the perks of home office. 

Rocket Science.

The CLITORIS HAS more than 8.000 nerve endings.

Double than the penis!

It is the only organ in the human body that is created for pleasure alone. While only 25% of women can orgasm from vaginal stimulation, almost all women orgasm from clitoral stimulation. How great is that?

But wait, there’s more! The best part?

Once the brain learns how to orgasm during masturbation, it is easier for the body to have faster and more intense orgasms during normal intercourse. So, by having regular orgasms, you are teaching your body to get better at sex. 

The small tip and long handle make it super easy to use during sex, especially in positions where the clitoris is not naturally stimulated, like doggy style ;-).

Alina, Germany


This babe is capable of moving side to side as opposed to up and down, so if you’ve been searching for just the right kind of friction for your sex life, look no further.

Harper Hendrickson, USA

BuzzFeed Staff


Who says you can’t buy happiness? Get one of these and you’ll be smiling
every day!

Pretty packaging too!

Bev Shalts, The Neatherlands

Etsy Buyer

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